I’m reflecting…

When we became parents of two, I was a tad concerned about how I was going to cope. Initially I would avoid situations where I would be on my own when out and about with two children. TWO! Seriously, how would I keep them under control all on my own? Make sure they were safe from any danger? Look after a toddler whilst having a baby stuck to my breast for hours on end? Most importantly, would I ever be able to drink a cup of tea before it went cold?

We now have three children, at 7, 5 and 2, they are boisterous boys who are curious, playful and quite a handful. Last night after dinner, I took them on a trip up the road to one of our favourite places in the village we live. Every year I’ve photographed the boys by the lake, it’s becoming a ritual.

They played for a few hours in the surrounding space, playing hide and seek, fighting and chasing each other – I just sat there, in the sunshine, listening to them giggle (and taking pictures!) None of them fell in the lake or broke any bones.

The bond these three have is incredible, having two brothers myself, I know how special it is to be able to grow up and feel part of a team. Whilst there are times the boys fight and argue, for the most part they are a trio that thrive on each others company.

I’ve come a long way from that mother who felt overwhelmed by having 2 boys to look after, I’ve learnt to let go and trust them to be who they are, which is basically awesome…


Zak: “Mum, how do hedgehogs get fit?”


Rudi: “Why do ducks have legs?”


Zak: “Quick Mum, look at these butterflies… I think they might be sisters!”