24 hours in Bristol

Bristol Balloon Fiesta 2015



There is just something about hot air balloons, I rarely ever see them and when I do, I actually get a bit excited! I don’t know why, I just think they are very cool.

When we planned to go and see the Bristol Balloon Fiesta earlier in the year, I knew it was going to be awesome. I was hoping the weather would be good so we would see them all flying.

Bristol is a stunning City. I am ashamed to say, I’d never been there before…

So, after checking into our hotel, bouncing on the beds, explaining to a confused 7 year old what a bidet is and having a walk through the city, we headed down to watch the famous ‘night glow’. The balloons didn’t fly at night, just performed a sound and light show, this was impressive but the amount of people there was crazy.

We got to bed at 11.30pm, so we were given much abuse when we had to get the boys up at 5am to watch the sunrise flight the next morning (starting at 6am). Getting 3 kids up that early with not a lot of sleep was tricky but so worth it. We watched, up close, in awe as over 100 balloons flew off in front of the rising sun, just magical.

Here are a few images to sum up our trip…

“Have you seen how posh the taps are? Look at how low the sink is Mum”  *Zak points at bidet*

“If you like it Mum, why don’t you let us draw on the walls?”

Me: “Did you know, Chocolate bars and Ribena were invented in Bristol?”

Rudi: “No.”

“I’m too tired, I can’t even yawn”

“MUM, you see that Volkswagon next to us? Look at it’s rims”