Plane Spotting

The weather was great yesterday, so we decided to take the boys up the road to watch the planes. Unfortunately they were taking off from our side of the airport and not landing, so they weren’t as close as I’d hoped. Here are a few images to document our trip.

So many questions…

“Mum, if a car and a plane had a race, who would win?”

“How do you make a computer?”

“How fast does a plane go? fifty hundred?”

“Is it easy to turn a plane?”

“I’ve never seen a Ryanair do a loop”

“Why do giraffes have tails?”

“Mum, when was the first time you ever sneezed?”

“Do girls have balls?”

“Is this Kit-kat made out of cat?”

“You know that control tower Mum, do chimpanzee’s work up there?”

“If you pick your nose, you pick your eye out”



To be continued…. (We are so gonna catch those big planes landing!)