Project 365

April favourites…

It’s so nice to finally be able to get outside.

Here are some of my favourite images from my April 365….


“Mum, if I fall over again in the three legged race this year, I’m just going to slither to the end”

“Mum, do whales have hips?”

On a walk….”Quick, look, there’s a herd of mushrooms”

“What’s more importanter: toys or blood?”

“I know God, he wears white clothes, I’ve seen him on the tele”

“Muuuum, Zak kicked me 160 times”

Zak on how animals grow… “The old ones lay eggs”

“Do penguins just walk and do nothing?”

“What do brains look like?”

“Mum, why is the world here?”

Zak on meatballs…”They’re made out of meat”

“Why is wind invisible?”

“Night Mum, can you leave the light on a bit? Just so I can see if a fox comes in”

Zak on his teacher… “Sometimes she’s naughty, sometimes she’s good as gold”