Project 365

August favourites…


Love the summer holidays and having all the boys home from school. Bit sad they’ve gone back now.

This 365 is pretty hard going some days. When I look back at the past month in photos, I feel glad I had my camera with me.

Bring on the Autumn!

Here are some of my favourite images from my August 365….


“That felt all wrinkly”

Rudi: “What does the farmer do with all this straw?”

Zak: “Puts it in his mouth”

I like the flowers Mum but NOT the prickles.

“Does a penguin swim as fast as a swordfish?”

“Mum, I really wouldn’t like to see a badger tonight, they’re bad… and sad”


Rudi on Seagulls: “They like chocolate cake”

Zak: “No they don’t, thats from Peppa Pig you dummy. They probably just eat bananas or something”

“They can’t combine in the rain cos it will get wet, you don’t want to eat wet cereal”


“These feathers are probably from an owl”

“My tummy is actually laughing when we go up really high”