Project 365

July favourites…


It’s no secret our boys love all things to do with farming. Living in the countryside, we are fortunate enough to have it all around us to see.

As a child I was the same, the most exciting time of the year was always summer, I remember running down the road from the school bus to see the combine in the field. I am making the most of photographing the boys running around in the lush fields before they’re harvested.

So yeah, there’s a lot of tractor, combine and ‘child in field’ images this month, I’m not sorry for that, they are precious to me.

Here are some of my favourite images from my July 365….


Me: “I look so old”

Rudi: Put some water in your hair then”

Zak: “Oh look, big curl face is here”

“Come on, lets bounce him down”

Me: “Why has Rudi got a red mark on his face?”
Rudi: “Zak hit me”
Zak: “It’s his BIRTHMARK”
Me: “Rudi doesn’t have a birthmark”

Zak: “What’s 4 +6?”
Rudi: “10”
Me: “Well done Rudi!”
Rudi: “I didn’t know it, I just said 10”


“Mum, once when you were at work, Dad turned Rudi upside down and his foot got stuck in the light!”



Zak: “MUM, Wake up, I’ve just taught Finn how to say¬†Lamborghini!”

“You know the Loch Ness monster Mum? Some people believe it’s just an evil duck”



“Mum, can you say library backwards?”



Zak’s leaving home.

Rudi: “Where are you going”

Zak: “Nowhere, I’m just going to live my life, walking.”




Rudi: “I’m going to be a farmer, I’ll just drive…and have a cup of tea.”


“Mum, I want the field to be long again.”


“I love you to the top of space and back Mum”