Project 365

June favourites…


Here are some of my favourite images from my June 365….


“Mum, Which foot does this sock go on? ”

Zak’s hot in bed..”Oh God, I feel like a boiled egg in here”

“Imagine if you saw a bee as big as a bird!”

“Love you Zak” Love you. “Love you Rudi” Love you. “Love you Finn” {Silence} Rudi: “I don’t think he loves you.”

“What’s your favourite fruit Rudi?”  “Cheese”

“Sounds like you boys have been running around too much”. Zak “Mum, it’s our life, it’s how we live, we run.”

What happened at the end of the film? “There were just words at the end”

“What do brains look like?”

“Straighten her up, that’s what Dad says.”

Zak: “Mum, we just saw a dog go past the garden, it was massive”
Rudi: “… and it had a beard!”

“How tall is Daddy?” Rudi: “20”

“If you’re in Africa the sunsets are really cool, you get the outlines of the elephants and giraffes and stuff”

“What makes Daddy happy?” Zak: “When Mummy gives him money”