Project 365

May favourites…

May has been super busy. The kids have had lots of fun and we made our first trip to the beach this year.

Here are some of my favourite images from my May 365….


“Is every Mum a girl?”

“Does Jesus know everyones name in the world?”

“Faye is my favourite girl from school, she’s shy and I like her face”

“When the Police catch a robber, they have to write it down, you know, like Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday….”

Zak: “Dad, you’ve got a horrible cough, I hate it”

Rudi: “I like it”

“Lyra, have some of these grapes, they’re lovely. They’ve got orange in them”

Rudi on London Aquarium… “Will there be real water?”

“How many people are there in the world?”

“Zak, did you know theres a race called the Tour De France?”

Zak: “No, and I don’t want to do it.”

“Mum, Rudi just punched me in the eyebrow”

“Mummy, when is your tummy going to be flat again? …September? …or in a thousand weeks?”

“London is the noisiest Country”

“Mum, is anus a rude word? Can I say it at school?”

“Can you smell your nose?”

“Mum, what does it look like if you don’t have a hand?”

“If I had a camera and it broke, I wouldn’t even care because there are more important things than Photography.”