Project 365

October favourites…

Wow, Autumn so far has been pretty awesome. We have been treated to some nice sunny evenings and golden hour has been nice and early. The boys are still wanting to be outside most days so we have been embracing the great outdoors and a lot of mud.

Here are some of my favourite images from my October 365….


Tucking Finn into bed…

“Wait, I wanna go say night to the guys”

“Mum, how do you actually make babies?”

“Mum, if I have children one day, I’m going to call them Daisy, Bob & Richard”

Me: “Finn, don’t do that please”

Finn: “Sorry Sarah”

Rudi on lamborghinis…

“They’re fun cars Mum, not family cars”

“Mum, come and swing with me”

“My bum won’t fit on your swings Rudi, it’s too big!”

“Oh, pleeeease, it will, the swing is MASSIVE”