Project 365

September favourites…

A busy month but lots of out door fun as usual. I am really embracing ‘golden hour’ being at a child friendly time, the evening sun we have been having has made for many an enjoyable walk after dinner.

Time to embrace the mud too, plenty of ploughed fields, puddles and really dirty knees!

Now is a good time to get your family portraits done, get those Christmas presents out of the way with an autumnal set of images of your children / loved ones, an ideal gift for any grandparent! PM me if you’re interested in a shoot.

Here are some of my favourite images from my September 365….


“Mum, look… this horse is crying!”

“Where shall we go today boys?”

Finn: “To the shop and get some petrol”

Rudi: “ENGLAND!”

“Mum, that man on there just said driving a lamborghini is like riding a horse with mustard up its bottom!!!”

9pm – “Zak are you still awake?”

*Sigh* “Yeah, I can’t get to sleep luv”

“Mum, what does supercalifragilisticexpialidocious mean?”