Project 52

January favourites…


Finding the light this month…

Me: Eat your sandwich Finn

Finn: I did, I had some last year.

Zak: You don’t see those very often..

Me: What’s that?

Zak: Nissan GTR’s

Talking about worms…

Rudi: What happens if you snap them?

Zak: Half of them have a face and the other half just grows a face.

Ghostbusters talk…

Zak: Sam said that Slimer is actually good and when he squirts slime on you, it’s basically a hug.

Zak: You’ve got wrinkles under your eyes Mum.

Me: Oh thanks Zak

Zak: What? You’re lovely, there’s nothing wrong about you.

Rudi: Mum, in the morning, can I have cheese for breakfast?

Rudi: Look Zak, Nana got us a four legged kitkat!

A Papaya is a pear but fatter.