Project 52

June favourites

Strawberries, sunshine, water, family & fields….

“I’ve done 81 burps!”

“I wanna go to Uncle Toms Australia”

“Look! Our sand castles haven’t melted yet!”

Finn: “Muuum, people have to pick up their dog poo, and the wee”

Me: “No, not the wee, you can’t pick up wee”

Finn: “Yeah, its too flat.”

“Mum, who is older, you or Nana?”

“Muuuum, I got bones in my feet…..and my eyes!”

“Mum, I love you…. Can I have a bag of crisps?”

“Mum, why don’t lego men have noses?”

“Stop the car Mum, I need you to scratch my back”

Finn: “I love you Mum”

Me: “I love you too!”

Finn: “No, I was talking to my fire engine.”

Rudi eating a cheese wrap…

“Can I have something to eat?”

“Do hot tubs have water in when you buy them?”