Rafe’s Birth Story

Welcome to the world….

For me as a photographer, births do not come along very often, I don’t actively advertise for them. This little fella was 12 days overdue, after two sweeps and an induction booked the next day it seemed to persuade him to come along just in time.

Situated at the wonderful WJC in Braintree, Rafe was born after a short labour (although poor Mum had been having false alarms for almost a week) with minimal intervention and only gas and air (Bravo, 10lb 6oz!) Rafe came into the world still in his sack which was breath taking to witness.

It’s raw and emotional. I wish so much I had memories like these from my own children’s births. More often than not, parents don’t remember all of those precious little details, they’re kinda busy at the time. So if you are thinking of having your birth captured, get in touch, I am also awesome at holding the gas and air and even got mistaken for a Doula!

Big thanks to K&R for giving me the nod to publish the selected images below, here are just a few that I captured in the 3 hours I was with them…