Project 52

April favourites…

“Mum, what time was Jesus born? Does anyone know? was it half seven? or eight maybe?”

“If he hits me, I hit him back. That’s how life works”

R: “I hate school, I don’t want to go”

F: “Tough luck”

“It’s bedtime”

“I’m hungry…can you make a cake? …How about some scrambled egg?”

“Has anyone ever married their Mum?”

“No, you can’t marry your Mum”

“Not even the Egyptians??”

“Muuuum, Rudi just called me flabber face”

“Come on guys, get dressed”

F:”We’re not guys, we’re humans”

“I can’t get up Mum, my face is too heavy”

“Look, there’s a woman with wrinkly hair”

“Stop farting Finn, it stinks”

“Ok, I’ll shut my bum then”