What is Boudoir?

I googled it… “A womans bedroom or small private room”

Ok, that works.

I’ve had my fair share of feeling insecure about myself, more so in recent years. I’ve grown and birthed 3 big beautiful boys and I do not like my baby tummy that I can never quite seem to get rid of. If I’m honest about it too, I don’t like my face either, I’m getting older, have wrinkles, from laughing, crying, stress, happiness…. you get the vibe. I am taking steps this year to love myself, its hard! The more I research women and how they feel about themselves, the more I realise, I am completely normal. I think anyone would be hard pushed to find a woman that completely loves herself and her body. Guess what though, we really bloody should!

I was sat on my own last Sunday, missing my kids who were out for the day and thought sod it, I’m going to take some pictures of myself and make them into my own art. I stripped down to an old H&M vest & knickers and set my camera up. I decided that there was one image that was ‘alright’ so posted it on my page asking if anyone was up for some boudoir. Brave, for me… very. I was pretty overwhelmed by the comments, private messages and enquiries from other woman that quite fancied having a go too.

My idea of boudoir is not heels and suspenders, its bare feet, the curves in your back, your shoulders, your arms and hands, your eyes, the natural you, any part of you and your body that makes you feel beautiful. Its not about showing all of your body, just what you’re comfortable with, it’s about shadows, connection and your beauty.

All of my photography is born from experiences I’ve had and connections close to my heart, kids, weddings, births, maternity, lifestyle. Why not offer something just for women, just for YOU. You that hates their body, that needs to see the beauty in it. You that hates having their photo taken and feels so awkward in front of a camera. You that hates their stretch marks or rolls of baby belly that you always hide under your jeans. Just you. I want to show you that you are beautiful. If I can bloody do it, trust me, so can you.

So, if you fancy it, lets hang out for an hour, or two, have a giggle, document you being you, embracing your body, or the parts you want to embrace.

I’m lucky enough to have an awesome group of girls that are always up for being my guinea pigs and letting me exercise my creative ideas, a very special one is featured in this blog. Let me make it clear that all galleries are private, nothing ever gets published on social media without prior permission (no matter what kind of shoot it is) I was pretty chuffed to be told I could use the following images from a recent shoot I did – more than anything, to show the women that are thinking about it roughly what kind of images to expect from a boudoir shoot with me. Everyone is different, some may want their images to be totally private while others may want them to be celebrated for all to see! I would never take that decision away from you.

So anyway, let’s do it, let’s all be a bit brave, for ourselves… if you’re up for it?